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Need to sell your annuity payments or structured settlement to a trusted company? DRB Capital, located in Delray Beach, Florida will walk you through the process and get you the most cash.

Simple process for your mortgage. Looking for your first home loan, an upgrade to your current home, a refinance following divorce, or a reverse mortgage? can hook you up.

Whether it is a new mortgage, a refinance of your existing mortgage, a second mortgage, or even a reverse mortgage, NewFed Mortgage can help you. Licensed in MA, MH, RI, ME, CT and Florida.

When people think of GEICO, they think of their mascot. However, it's also an insurance company that offers comprehensive insurance at relatively low prices. GEICO offers a variety of insurance in addition to auto insurance.

What features matter most in our testing process?

Product Testing / Consumer Testing

Our aim is to verify the average consumer can understand the use of the product and understand the claims associated with such product.

  • Product Labeling: Are all ingredients listed, potential harmful uses listed, clear and legible type, manufacturer contact information, bar code, etc.
  • Are Claims Validated: Claims fully tested using any steps shown in television ads, referred to in radio ads, or shown in magazine ads. Web media will also be tested if available, but only from the manufacturer, not from user generated content.
  • Guarantee: Is there a written guarantee if claims not met the product can be returned.


Our Recommendations

When it comes to hosting, REAL hosting for your business, the clear choice is Liquid Web for your high end needs with bullet-proof security. Their support is top-notch as well.

National Debt Relief can help you get out of debt without going through the nightmare of bankruptcy. They can offer you a free savings quote right over the phone. Absolutely no up-front fees or hidden charges.

Fast, private, affordable and secure STD Testing. Over 4,000 testing centers nationwide, the test takes five minutes and results can be received same day. All tests are 100% FDA approved.

Welcome to! Our staff of 52 tirelessly tests products, services and subscriptions and tell you whether or not the companies match what they advertise to what they actually deliver. Is it too good to be true? We'll tell you. Life is good when you know exactly which companies and products to buy and which ones to avoid.

Our focus is the Top Four companies in each market. Those can be the top four companies in terms of market share, or they could be the top four companies based on our reviews and experience, or they can be a mix.